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  • ...why put it in a box when you can put it in their hands?


    Windows, MacOSX, and Linux support right from the start. Yes, we know Raspberry Pi isn't an OS... but it's supported, and its logo is just so cool!

    Private and Unlimited

    When you send with deployanything, your files never have to touch our servers. That means faster transfers, and no file-size limits. However, if you do want to push something to the cloud or your FTP server, our extension API opens up more possibilities.

    Access Controls

    Set up automatic file acceptance rules on a per-device basis, using file type, size, sender, group, date, or using an external script check. Your rules can even be used to create extensions. The level of access and privacy you set is up to you.

    Command-line Capable

    We haven't forgotten about power users and developers. That's why deployanything's headless background process can be controlled completely from your terminal, and the GUI is optional.

    Port-Forwarding? Ew!

    Direct transfer should be easy for the non-technical. No messing with router ports or compressing files. You just highlight some files and folders and choose the recipients (a friend or group). That's it.

    Developer Workshop

    Browse user-submitted extensions or build your own. Whether you want to auto-print incoming files with hashtag #print or automatically play each received video file on your media center, it's all up to you.